When Moving a Patient to the Patient Flow 'Checkout' Location the Automatic Checkout Process is Not Starting

Document created by prcarter Employee on Sep 15, 2016
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When moving a patient to Checkout in patient flow the check out process does not begin.




Change the settings in Patient Flow Options under Maintenance/Setup to begin the checkout process when moving patients to Check Out.



1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, Patient Flow Options.


2.  Select the General Options tab.



3.  Click in the Pt. Check Out when patient moved to Checkout check box under the Automatically Load section to place a check in the box.


4.  Click the OK button to save the changes.


5.  When the System Update message displays, click the OK button.


6. Restart Patient Flow on the workstation.

7.  Verify that when a patient is moved to the Checkout location, the automatic checkout process launches.


NOTE:  This setting is specific to each workstation, meaning that these steps will need to be repeated on any PC where you want this behavior to occur.