OrthoTrac: eServices - Credit Card Payment Showing in the Settlement but not on the Ledger

Document created by tshaw Employee on Oct 5, 2016
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A patient's credit card payment is showing in the settlement but not posted to their ledger.



NOTE:  Use the steps below if the credit card batch has NOT been settled. If the credit card batch has already been settled, you will need to do a miscellaneous payment on the patient's ledger (misc payments, like credit cards, do not appear on the deposit slip) along with a note explaining that due to a processing error the credit card payment did not post to ledger properly.


Marking the payment manually settled:

1. From the main OrthoTrac toolbar click Reports > Financial > Daysheet > Settle Credit Card Authorizations.

2. Click OK to the settlement prompt.

3. Select the problem payment.

NOTE: write down the authorization number, you will need this in a later step when offlining the payment.

4. Click Manual.

5. Click Yes to the warning. The payment should disappear.


Offlining the payment:

1. Open the patient's chart.

2. Click Financial Functions.

3. Select Credit Card as the payment type then press <TAB>.

4. Enter the reference information and press <TAB>.

5. Enter the amount of the payment and press <TAB>.

6. The swipe screen will appear. Place a check mark in Off Line(no modem) at the top of the screen

7. Swipe the credit card, or enter the credit card information manually.

8. Enter the original authorization number you wrote down earlier in the Authorization # field

9. Click OK.

10. Finish posting the payment as normal.