Orthotrac Cloud:  Supported Printers List (Citrix Compatible Printers)

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Unfortunately, not all manufacturers have tested their printers in a Citrix environment.  Some printers do not work in this environment and as a result they will not function with OrthoTrac Cloud.


NOTE:  Please be aware that Carestream does not maintain these lists.  Clients looking to find out whether or not their specific printer is supported in a Citrix environment are recommended to check with their manufacturer. 


Below is a list of several of the most frequently used printer manufacturers and links to compatibility information for those manufacturers.  Please note that this is not a complete list and is only meant to serve as a starting point.
If any of these links are found to be outdated, please use this page as a starting point:


Use the search phrase "supported printer"  to bring up Citrix's own links to various manufacturer pages.   If the manufacturer in question is not listed then Citrix has no information about that company's compatibility.

Please note that this information comes directly from the manufacturers of the printers in question.  If the printer does not appear on the compatible list for that manufacturer, or if all of the manufacturer's printers are not Citrix ready, then unfortunately you must find an alternative printing solution.


Hewlett-Packard /HP Printers 
HP's official list of supported and unsupported printers comes from the following document on their website. The document is also attached to this knowledge article, at the bottom of the page.  It is currently dated November 2016:

HP also provides a universal print driver which may help with printers not officially supported in the Citrix environment. The driver is available at the below link.  Please be aware that Orthotrac Support cannot assist with this driver or its usage.  A local technician will need to install and configure it.

Brother Printers
Brother used to maintain its own list of Citrix compatible printers at      http://publish.welcome.brother.com/hk-en/business-solutions/corporate-and-government/Citrix_ready_Brother_devices.html  but this page no longer exists as of December 2015. 
Citrix does maintain their own list of Brother printers which are Citrix compatible.  This list may be out of date but we simply have no other more current information.   NOTE:   You must repeatedly scroll to the bottom of the page to load all results before you can search for the printer you need information on. 
Canon Printers
Canon printing in Citrix appears to require the use of their Lite Plus universal print driver, available at the second of the above two links.
Epson Printers
Epson used to maintain its own list of Citrix compatible printers at a  http://www.business-solutions.epson.co.uk/Documents/Citrix%20Compatibility%20Table.pdf   but that document no longer exists as of April 2016.   We have no other information on Epson compatibility with Citrix and questions will need to be directed to Epson Support.
Konica Minolta Printers
Konica Minolta printers do not appear to be supported in Citrix.  They have provided a universal PCL5 printer driver which may help but results are not guaranteed.
Kyocera Printers
Kyocera printing in Citrix appears to require the use of their universal print driver, available at the second of the above two links.
Lexmark Printers
Lexmark printing in Citrix appears to require the use of their universal print driver, available at the second of the above two links.
Okidata Printers
Samsung Printers
Samsung printers appear to be mostly incompatible with XenApp version 6.5, to the point where they do not provide a compatibility list on their website.  Citrix has a partial list available at  

Each model must be checked carefully to verify it is compatible with XenApp 6.5.  Most are not.
There may be some success with the Samsung universal print driver, available at the below link.