SoftDent: Adding Allowance Tables and Associating an Allowance Table with an Insurance Plan

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To add an allowance table:

1. Select List > Allowance Table

2. Press Enter and click Add

3. Type the allowance table name.

4. Select an option:

  •    To use fee0 amounts: Select Use Fee 0 Amounts. To exclude codes with no amounts, select Exclude Codes with Zero Amounts.
  •    To copy codes from an existing insurance company allowance table: Select Copy From Existing Table and select the table.
  •    To create an empty table: Select Make Empty Table.

5. Click OK and click Close.


After you create an allowance table, you can attach it to an insurance plan. All bluebook entries created for the insurance plan are updated when the allowance table is updated.

After an insurance plan is associated with an allowance table, you can no longer update the entries information from the Bluebook entries for window. These entries must be updated from the allowance table.


To associate an allowance table with an insurance plan:

1. In the Insurance Plan window, click Coverage. The tab is the active window.

2. Select the allowance table from the Allowance Table drop-down list. The table is associated and bluebook entries are created.

3. Click OK.

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