How to Set Security Options for a Specific Staff Member to be Allowed to Adjust Time Cards

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How to configure OrthoTrac security to allow a staff member to have security permission to make adjustments to other staff member's timecards.



A staff member that has been setup as the time clock administrator has the ability to adjust time cards. Change the Time Clock Maintenance security settings under the Maintenance category. Also, change the Adjust Timecards security setting under the Other category.


NOTE: The following steps can only be performed by a staff member who has access to the security settings. Carestream support personnel cannot make security changes without first receiving a note (on letterhead) from either the doctor or the office manager.


1. Login to OrthoTrac as the security administrator.


2. From the main menu of OrthoTrac click Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, Security. If a message displays indicating that you do not have permission to make changes to security settings, the person logged into OrthoTrac does not have the correct permissions.



There are group By Staff Type settings and personal By Staff settings. Once a personal security setting has been made, the group settings will no longer affect the personal settings.


If the security setting to be made should not apply to the entire group of staff members who are assigned the same staff type, make the changes to the staff member only by using the (By Staff) option.


If the security setting to be made should apply to the entire group of staff members that are assigned the same staff type, change the settings for the Staff Type first using the By Staff Type option. Then, in the event that the changes made to the Staff Type do not work for a specific staff member that is assigned to that specific staff type, the staff member already has a personal setting, and in order to change that staff member's individual settings, use the By Staff settings.


5. Select the staff member from the By Staff drop down list that will be given permission to access the time clock features.

6. Select the Maintenance category.

7. Click Time clock Maintenance to change the setting to Yes.

8. Select the Other category.

9. Click Adjust Timecards to change the setting to Yes.

10. Click the OK button.

11. Restart OrthoTrac.

12. Log in as the staff member that was changed.

13. Verify that the staff member can adjust timecards.



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