SoftDent: How Do I Move a Patient from One Account to His or Her Own Account?

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How do I move a patient from one account to his or her own account?




1. Click List > Patient
2. Highlight the patient that is to be moved.
3. On the Options Bar, click Move Patient


 - If the Options Bar is not present click Options on the Menu Bar and then Move Patient


4. Click Yes on the message that reads "Move this Patient?"
5. Click Yes on the window prompting to create new account.


Please note that if the patient has an outstanding insurance balance, the system will not allow the patient to be moved.


6. Depending upon preference, the primary insurance information for the patient can be carried over to the new account. If so desired, click Yes when prompted to take primary insurance to the new account. Otherwise, click No.

7. Click OK on the message that reads "Patient Successfully Moved... Press Any Key to Continue.".


The patient has now been moved from the previous account into their own. Please note that the patient name will still exist in the original account, though they will be marked as INACTIVE and their first name will be followed by an underscore ("_").

Additional Information:


Note: Patients with active payment plans SHOULD NOT be moved to their own account until the plan is cancelled or completed. This may cause transaction problems when payment plans need to be run otherwise.


While CS SoftDent Software provides the ability to move a patient from one account to another, it is important to remember that for accounting reasons, the transactions are not moved to the new account with the patient. Only a single line item transaction indicating the balance will be present on the patient in the new account. The patient's old transactions will be visible through the patient's "Transaction History" which is selectable on the transactions screen. All the patient's images, documents, history, charting, and contacts are moved as well. Patients cannot be moved until the outstanding insurance claims are finalized and estimated insurance amounts for the patient are taken care of

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