Orthotrac: Error (Patient Flow Check-in: We're Sorry! We were unable to Automatically Sign you in at this time)

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When a patient is attempting to check in on the patient check-in computer, the above message displays.



NOTE: This message may, in some rare cases, be caused by a time and date or time zone mismatch. If the check-in message scenarios below do not apply, check the time and date on all workstations in the office including the server. All workstations and the server must be set to the same date, time, and time zone.


Otherwise, the cause is that the patient attempting to check in has a patient check-in message for one of the following reasons:

1. A check-in message was added on the Patient Information screen by office staff.

2. The patient has a past due balance, has a promise due or is scheduled for a procedure code configured to prevent the patient from checking in.

Verify and change the particular settings as needed using the outline below.


The patient check in message is a feature that purposely requires the patient to check in with the assistant at the front desk, either because of a message added manually by staff or due to specified criteria in Patient Flow settings. The steps below help determine which settings have been configured to activate the patient check-in message feature.


First, determine the reason the check-in message is appearing for that patient.


How to Determine the Reason the Check-in Message Appeared

1. On a staff workstation, click Functions, Patient Flow.
2. Right-click the patient's name in the patient flow listing and select Change Location.
3. The Check-in Msg section will display the reason for the message:

-- "Patient has a balance due": Patient flow is configured to prevent patients with certain financial criteria from checking in, and this patient matches that financial criteria.
-- "Patient has a promise due": Patient flow is configured to prevent patients with past due promises from checking in, and this patient has a past due promise in their Promises.
-- "Patient is scheduled for a XXX procedure": Patient flow is configured to prevent patients scheduled for that particular procedure from checking in, and this patient is scheduled for that type of procedure.
-- Any other message not exactly matching one of the above three: A message was manually added to the "Check-in Message" section of the patient's main information screen. This message can be any text entered by office staff.


The below screenshot shows the Change Location screen indicating that this particular patient has a check-in message for all four of the possible reasons.

Make a note of the reason the check-in message is being displayed (manually added message, financial balance, promise due or scheduled for specific procedure code).

You may check this specific patient in by selecting the new location (for example, moving them to the Lobby area), or you may proceed with the next step to remove the check-in message and allow them to check themselves in.

To allow the patient to check themselves in, remove the patient check in message in the patient information screen. (NOTE: All check-in messages, regardless of how they were added to the patient's chart, can be removed from the main patient information screen).

How to Remove or Add the Check-In Message on the Patient Information Screen

1. From the main menu of OrthoTrac click Functions, Patient Chart, Patient Information.

2. Select the patient from the OrthoTrac Software Patient Lookup screen.

3. Click the OK button on the OrthoTrac Software Patient Lookup screen.

4. Click in the Check in Msg box and delete all text. NOTE that if there are multiple messages, not all of them will immediately display until the first is removed.

5. Click Save Changes (top right). The patient should now be able to check themselves in.

If check-in messages are appearing for multiple patients, or if the check-in message for this patient was not added by staff on the Patient Information screen, remove or add the procedure code, financial status or promise options in the Patient Flow Options screen.

How to Remove or Add the Patient Procedure Code, Financial Status, or Promise Option That Prevents Patients From Checking In


1. From the main menu of the OrthoTrac software click Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, Patient Flow Options.

2. Click the Check-in Msg tab.

3. Modify or change any desired settings which will prevent patients from checking in.


In the below example, patient flow is set to create a check-in message for patients for all three situations -- past due balance, promise due or scheduled for specific procedure.


NOTE: Setting the Financials section to "All Positive Due Now" is not recommended, as this will cause ALL patients with a balance (even if it is only due this month) to receive a check-in message. Setting to "None" will disable all financial check-in messages, while setting it to "All 30+ Day Past Due Accounts" or higher will cause only those patients with that criteria to receive check-in messages.

The Promise Due check box will cause all patients with a Promise that is due on today's date or prior to receive a check-in message.

The Scheduled Procedures list box will cause any patient scheduled for any of the specified procedures to receive a check-in message.



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