Add inter-office communications reminders or notes

Idea created by Matt Ackerman Employee on Jul 19, 2017
    • omsnashville

    We would like to be able to send messages between workstations (users) and not all of them are patient related.  They normally have a destination user.  Having a feature that would set alerts on notes for individual users that are triggered when logging in or even displayed on practice central screen would be helpful.

    • A user should be able to print them also, as reminders.  There are reminders that you need to remind yourself as well as others and maybe it should not be put on a patient's chart.  I think the patient dock was a step in the right direction, but most of the time the person ignores or forgets what it is used for.  The notes that are sent should only show up on the person's computer that they are sent to.
    • We created a dummy patient account to accommodate this.  
    • Another useful addition to this function would be having a way of knowing when the recipient got your note... a "read receipt," of sorts.  Our department supervisors are particularly interested in this.
    • We created a patient called Office and send this note between workstations.