Appointment Duration Selector R4 Clinical+

Idea created by on Jul 27, 2017

    I think it would be a good idea when booking a patient into an appointment slot that the duration selector gives the time available in the slot and not  8 Hours!

    Mistakes are being made by members of staff selecting the 8 hours which can close off the diary for a whole afternoon.  It has happened to us.  The clinician asked what had happened to his diary in an afternoon a couple of weeks ahead and why was it closed off.   It took us all ages to work out it was a miscellaneous slot that had a duration of 8 hours 

    It would also be helpful and quicker for the staff member making the appointment that he/she knows how long there is in the slot and not just 8 hours.

    Difficult to explain but I hope I made it as clear as possible.



    Barnton Dental