Managing Staff Schedule

Idea created by salanger on Aug 1, 2017
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    Our company has 10 offices currently and many more in the works. Due to number of locations we have over 50 staff members who all travel. We would like to assign assistants, lab/sterile tech, treatment coordinators, and front desk staff to each day. While looking at a specific day it would be convenient to have a drop down list where you could select staff names. If there of 4 columns/chairs available for patients we would be able to select 4 dental assistants. This would also allow us to select which front desk staff would be present and so on.


    On the calendar view a menu would be available on the left side of all staff members (similar to the dr and location set up) where you could select a staff name and see their office location schedule for the month.


    We are aware of the feature that allows us to change chair names to staff member names however we have to sort through 10 office locations to see where everyone is each day. This does not allow a week or month view specific to each staff.