Removing the Step of Converting Walk-ins

Idea created by christopher.octa Employee on Nov 14, 2017
    • omsnashville

    Just wanted to throw this out there. There have been several points of feedback (including here on the forum) regarding the "First Visit" piece of data.


    My understanding is that "First Visit" and converting a walk-in are coupled together. In thinking about that, I feel (and have observed from others and here on the forum) that this understanding is influencing different kinds of behavior that wouldn't have happened if that data field and action aren't coupled with each other.


    For example, when a new patient has their consultation visit scheduled, the administrator may receive the referral prior to the appointment. However, they can't attach the referral to the incoming patient's workspace because it doesn't exist. It doesn't exist because the walk-in hasn't been converted yet. They haven't been converted yet because the office wanted to reflect "First Visit" to be when the new patient shows up in the office and not when they converted them from a walk-in so they would convert the walk-in the day of the appointment.


    How do you feel if converting walk-ins was no longer a step and that any new patient that's created automatically has a patient workspace for them? Aside from addressing "First Visit" (possibly by tying it to their first charge in the ledger or first successful checkin from the scheduler), are there any other reasons why you would want to have to have that second step of creating that patient workspace? Are there reasons you can foresee benefitting from not having to convert walk-ins and having their patient workspace available before the first visit (assuming first visit gets tweaked as mentioned among other similar items that are coupled with the action of converting a walk-in)?.