Patient Dock "Bins"

Idea created by christopher.octa Employee on Nov 17, 2017
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    From what we've observed in our site visits and from some of the feedback observed on the forum, we were thinking about enhancing the patient dock feature a bit.


    Currently, you can dock patients to other users. What if you could dock a patient into a "bin"? Consider the following example...


    A checkout coordinator is seeing a patient out, printing out a walkout statement, and collecting payment. They received notice from the back office that the patient will need medical clearance before they can proceed with the proposed procedure. Because the checkout coordinator is currently busy, they can't get around to getting medical clearance on the patient at that point in time so they dock the patient. They have created a bin in the patient dock specifically for "Medical Clearance" and dock them in there. Later in the day, they can go into the Medical Clearance bin and get all the patients docked under there so they can process them. Anyone else in the office who has extra time may also look in the Medical Clearance bin to pull a patient record and help out in emptying out the bin.


    You would still be able to dock a patient to a user as you currently do, but you would have the option to dock the patient into a bin which any user has access to.


    [EDIT] DECEMBER 11, 2017


    Based on some of the feedback, I've started to come up with some sketches to illustrate and incorporate the idea and feedback. I'm still thinking through how bins could be incorporated so for this sketch, it incorporates the idea of being able to trace back docked patients with some ideas on how they would be displayed.


    Patient Dock Sketch