Regarding scrolling through Insured by Employer/Plan info

Discussion created by atg on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by jeanspears

Is it possible to change the way this works to possibly entering a letter to where you want to go in the list ie: to the "V"s versus scrolling to it?  It takes forever unless you want an employer in the A, B, or C's. I preview an Insured by employer plan list before I change the insurance carrier for an entire group as some patients bring in medical cards and some just are not reliable to have the correct info. Hope this makes sense.

Also, not regarding this discussion, In the new 8.1 update I've noticed when I have to print out an insurance claim (pre-treatment) the remarks section info(font) is extremely small but the font for all the other info imported onto the form ie: name, address etc is normal, any way to change this??  Thanks for your time.  Alisa c/o Dr. Tim Grinder