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Not sure if I don't have the implant prostheses codes D6110-D6117 properly set up or not.  After posting the transaction nothing is transferring to the chart.  I know when you post for a complete denture they automatically show on the chart, I checked how I have the codes set up & it seems that I have the same features checked, but

I took the "Planning For a Chartless Practice" webinar and they mentioned "E Verifications" .. a service that is integrated right into your softdent?! Maintains your insurance verifications and updates?! If this is true I would love to hear from others on this service!! Sounds wonderful.
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Is there going to be a fix so that you can actually see your sent emails through inter-office mail.  Also when you respond to an email, the original message is not there, that your responding to, you have to copy and paste the original message so they know what message your talking about.     We use inter-office mail all day long,