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Matt Ackerman
It would be beneficial to search by first name and home phone from the person picklist. The ability to search by first name or by phone number (from caller ID) would be a tremendous help in patient communication.

Matt Ackerman
The prompt warning of a possible duplicate patient needs to appear when an appointment is entered (when walkin is created) not when a walk-in is converted. We've tried to imbed the thought for all schedulers to search for existing patients before making an appointment and we still end up with duplicate patients or patients with the same name
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Hi Guys Very often we have to change our patients appointments and have a letter set up using the last appointment date. This works fine when the patient has only one appointment but can cause confusion when they have a double appointment with both dentist and hygienist. Could you do a fix to enable us to show the patient that both their dentist
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When you bring a patient back into the operatory the procedure codes that are scheduled for that day automatically enter onto that days visit and also will go into the next appointment box on the lower right (the next visit box) which we would prefer if they did not.  If the assistant does not remember to change it and replace it with