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Announcement 1 Important Update
Announcement:Important Update

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I have been having problems with Practice Central for the past 2+ weeks where it freezes and then crashes Practiceworks whenever I click on the module. I have had my IT team look at it and they have been on calls with Carestream support at least twice now. Both times the problem is resolved for about a day, then it returns the following day. Any

Hello, do you have a list of Softdent Short Cuts?, for example to get to patient list is Ctrl O Thank you
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Yesterday I was listening to the story of Percy Spencer. In 1945, Spencer, a radar specialist at Raytheon, was working on a radar unit when he noticed the candy bar in his pocket beginning to melt. Shortly thereafter Spencer exposed some popcorn kernels to the radar and the first microwaved popcorn was made. Though unintended, the radar's cooking
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The recent release of CS R4+ v6.1.0 added a number of enhancements to CS R4+ Springboard.  In addition to 4 new widgets, the treatment pipeline figure was added to the Treatment Plans widget, the ability to set goals against the 4 original widgets was added and a Settings option was also added which allows system administrators to configure