Expanded use of Vendor list in EMR vs. Stages

Poll created by omsnashville on Oct 11, 2017

I wondered about adding another tab on the left menu of the v9+ EMR Elite, associated with our Vendor list. It might be similar to the Implant Tab, but have a couple checklists and also permit something a little more freeform in notes (as with the anesthesia record, but much more abbreviated).


This would be a great place to track the status of items that are sent out to a lab for completion (splints, custom abutments, etc) or contact with a vendor about a specially-needed product, so that all employees can see the tracking by what we've entered. People could enter follow-up notes, and maybe check from a short list of typical details:

  • Models sent to lab / item ordered
    • Anticipated return date: _________
  • Item returned to lab for adjustment
  • Item back from lab


Being able to generate a report of items still out to the lab/not yet returned to us would be ideal. Most of these are things that we currently list in our Stages, so it is not an absolute necessity. But Stages will only let you view a couple notes at once, so I thought it might be an integrated use of the Vendor List that also allowed an at-a-glance view of order status for custom materials per patient.


More than that, I wanted to get some feedback from other WinOMS users about how they prefer to track/store this data.

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  • It would help to have a Vendor tab in EMR to track things like custom lab orders (splints, nightguards, custom abutments, etc).
  • I would prefer to keep using Stages (or my current method) to track custom lab orders.