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Appointments from the Outage Day

I sent the following email on Friday morning. I still haven't heard anything back and it was an issue again today.

"For our reminder system, I have to upload data to an outside site. I have come to realize that a patient who had an appointment on the day of the outage (Tuesday) isn't being included in the reminder data for their next appointment. Example: I have a patient who was in on the day of the outage and now has an appointment on Monday. She was not included in the reminder data for Monday's appointments. This also was the case for a patient yesterday (Thursday). Is there a way to resolve the appointments still pending from last Tuesday. Since they were never checked in or out the system seems to think they are still pending or something."

Any help would be appreciated.
Beth Ann
Midwest Orthodontic Associates
309 691-9665
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Re: Appointments from the Outage Day

Good day Beth Ann ( @MidwestOrtho ),

I'm investigating why you have not received a response yet.  I will be reaching out to you shortly to discuss. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations

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