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CLOUD LOGIN ISSUES ON 10/21/19 -- please see below

Good day to all concerned,

The OrthoTrac Cloud hardware upgrade over the weekend has resulted in an issue where some users are unable to log in using their existing desktop shortcuts.  Management is aware of the issue and the Cloud Ops team is working to resolve it.  In the meantime, the following steps should resolve the issue on any workstation that is experiencing the problem:

1. Right-click Receiver and click Exit.  The Citrix Receiver icon looks like this:


2. Delete any Cloud shortcuts on your desktop that are not working.  

3. Restart Citrix Receiver (Start, All Programs, Citrix, Receiver). 

4. Right-click the Citrix Receiver icon and click About. 
5. Click Advanced, then Online Plug-in Settings.
online plugin.png

6. Click Refresh Applications.

NOTE:  If "Refresh Applications" is grayed out, click "Log On" instead and then follow the remaining step.

NOTE:  If "Refresh Applications" instead displays "Logon to Refresh Applications", click that option and then follow the remaining step. 

7. You may need to re-enter the user credentials. If that window comes up, try the default password ( MyDent@l3! ) first.  If that password does not work, please contact Support directly with a list of the users for which that password is not working so that they can be reset. 


Once you have logged back in successfully and refreshed the applications, all Cloud shortcuts should reappear on the desktop and you should then be able to use all of them with no issues. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations