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E Claims

We have multiple providers in multiple states. On top of that, we are phasing out a tax id. It would be nice to be able to add multiple tax id's and license numbers under the 1 provider. Then when we are in the claim, we can select the box with those fields and we are able to select out of the options. Also, I am noticing when we send a claim for a provider electronically, the information sent is accurate. However, if the insurance does not receive the claim our office will print it. The license number is printing on the claim for the wrong provider. Some updates to the system would be very helpful for multiple location, multiple provider practices. Currently we have the doctors in the system listed twice due to the tax id situation, one with their middle initial and one without. Please consider making some changes/updates. 


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Re: E Claims

Good day Leslie ( @513LRamey ), 

The E-Services team is shorthanded today but I have asked that someone from the team respond here as soon as they have someone available.  I believe some enhancements are in the works in future to accommodate multiple tax IDs but don't quote me on that.  🙂 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations

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