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Insurance Claim Forms

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We submit the majority of our insurance claims through eServices, however, we like to have a printed copy of the insurance claim in the patient’s chart and every now and then I have to mail the claim form to the insurance company. I have to say, I am embarrassed to send the printed claim forms in because none of the fields seem to align properly. In addition, fields will print in different places on the claim form from day to day; even without any adjustments to the margins the claim forms print different from day to day. Our claim forms were ordered from RR Donnelley as per Carestream recommendation. I am constantly having to adjust the margins (under functions, set margins) but nothing seems to align 100%. I get the fields aligned as close as I can but when I go in the next day to print a different claim everything is out of alignment again.  In addition, the claim form is broken into 3-fold lines, the top of the page prints with all of the fields lower than the boxes they are supposed to fit in and the bottom of the page prints with everything much higher than the boxes they are supposed to print in. How can I get our insurance claim forms to print correctly so that I and the insurance companies can read them? I am tired of wasting claim paper that we have to pay for.

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Re: Insurance Claim Forms

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Good day Carly ( @ortho3400 ), 

The most common cause of claim form misalignment when printing is that the forms did not come from our supplier, RR Donnelley.  However, since you've already said that you did purchase them from the correct source, we can discount that as a possible cause in this case.  You're also already aware of the Set Margins utility which can be used to set the margins on claim forms;  please keep in mind, though, that any changes made with that utility will affect anything printed only to that printer, and only on the specific workstation or user where you are running the utility.  In your case, since you are Cloud clients, the changes will be tied to whichever specific Cloud user you are signed in as on the computer.  Making changes on one PC, then going to a different PC and printing from there instead, will not affect the printing.

If, after adjusting with the utility, your claim forms are still not printing properly (particularly if, as you say, the claim form prints too high on the page in some places but too low in others), the issue is typically caused by one of two things:

1.  A printer driver issue (the wrong printer driver is being used, driver is not installed properly, or the printer is not supported in a Citrix / Cloud environment). Consult your office technician to determine whether the printer is using the correct driver and whether it is supported in a Cloud environment.  You may also want to look at the following knowledge page for more info on Cloud / Citrix supported printers:

Orthotrac Cloud: Supported Printers List (Citrix Compatible Printers)

2.  A physical problem with the printer's feed / rollers, resulting in inconsistent printing from day to day.  This is typically seen more often on older printers but can be seen as well on very high-volume printers.  The only solution in this case is to have the printer serviced by a qualified technician. 


Please see the knowledge article Orthotrac - Insurance Claims are Not Lining Up Properly Within the Margins When Printing   for additional information. 


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