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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

TIP: Personal ToDo List

Do you like post-it notes?  OT has a feature called the Personal ToDo List which can take the place of all those little pieces of paper and help you keep a personalized list of tasks and make sure duties, errands, and appointments are not forgotten.

Each staff member can schedule tasks for today or a future date, and reminders can be set for any task. Staff members can also assign tasks to other staff members, and tasks can be ranked according to their importance.  A green checkmark next to the Staff Login field indicates uncompleted ToDo items exist for today or a previous date.

  • If you selected Show Staff To Do Items at Login when Active Items Exist on the Staff Options window, the ToDo List is automatically displayed if uncompleted items exist. Individual reminders are also displayed if the reminder time is due.

  • To launch your default mail client instead of using the Personal ToDo List feature, select Use Default Mail Client for Staff ToDo in the Miscellaneous Options section of the System Options window.

To access the Personal ToDo List:

From the main menu, click the Personal ToDo Items icon or select Functions > Staff To Do from the menu bar.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: TIP: Personal ToDo List

This is a great tip! Additional information on using the ToDo list can be found in the following online help topics:

Have a great day!

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