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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

You are on a quest!

Did you notice? You are on a quest! And not just any old, run-of-the-mill quest, but one that will also teach you how to navigate the community and interact with everyone here.

If you look at your profile (click on your avatar, the photo in the top right hand corner, and then click on your name), scroll down to the rewards summary and then click on the "See More Rewards Progress" link, you can see your progress on each of the available quests.  Click on any one of the quests to see what tasks you need to complete in order to complete it and earn the badge.

For each of the tasks you complete, you also earn points.  For each of the badges you earn, you get even more points. Points help you measure how experienced you are with the Community.  It will help you identify the most knowledgeable people in the network as well as the newbies who might need your help.  And someday it might even earn you some Carestream Dental honors.

As you begin, you have four quests assigned to you.  Complete them in your own time -- there is no rush.  As the community grows we will add more quests to give you a challenge and test your interests.  Enjoy them, they are there for you to have fun with.  See you on the leaderboards!

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