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Tx Card Question when patient has 2 appointments in one day

In Tx Card in version 14, if a patient has 2 appointments in one day, when they come for the second appointment, sometimes under "today's appt" we see what we did at the first appointment and sometimes we see what we're supposed to do at the second appointment.  Has anyone had issues with this?  The first appointment has been checked out.  TYIA

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Re: Tx Card Question when patient has 2 appointments in one day

Good day Misty (‌), 

We have had no reports of this issue.  I've just run numerous tests and have been unable to duplicate the issue you mentioned;  however, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1.  OrthoTrac can only pull information into Charting accurately if there is only one currently *active* appointment for the patient.  If you have a patient who is scheduled for two appointments on the same day, check the patient in and move them through pat flow and Charting completely for their first appointment.  Do not check the patient in for their second appointment yet.  After all entries have been made in Charting for the first appointment, you have exited Charting completely, and the patient has been completely checked out through Checkout for that first appointment, only then should you check them into pat flow for the second appointment and reopen Charting.  Charting will then read the second appointment correctly.  Checking the patient in for both appointments at the same time will cause OrthoTrac to have issues with the patient flow process.  

2.  Scheduling a patient for two different appointments at the exact same time is also known to cause some issues.  We do not really have a way around this so it is recommended to schedule a patient's second appointment in a later slot than the first one. 

If you do run into further issues, please give Support a call directly at 866-722-2567 or email at   for additional troubleshooting. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations