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How to Edit or Delete Today's Treatment Notes in the Patient's Charting Window

How to Edit or Delete Today's Treatment Notes in the Patient's Charting Window

How to edit today's treatment card notes on a patient.

Treatment notes can be edited only on the day they were entered.   All entries made prior to today's date are permanent records and cannot be deleted or changed.  To edit today's treatment notes in treatment card, click Edit, Edit Today's Treatment from the main menu of the Charting window.

1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Functions, Patient Chart, Charting.

2.  Select the patient from the OrthoTrac Software Patient Look-up window.

3.  Click OK.

4.  Click the Edit Charting option.

5.  Click Edit, Edit Today's Treatment. The following window will appear:

6.  Edit the treatment notes.

NOTE:  To remove the text associated with a comment, simply blank out the comment field and click OK.  If the treatment note was a comment only, this will remove the entry completely.  If the treatment note included procedure codes as well, the procedure codes will still be there.  To remove a treatment note that included procedure codes, click the red "DEL" field on the line which has the procedure code you want to delete.

Please also note that when removing a procedure using the DEL field, you will receive the following message:

This is a reminder that if the procedures have already been posted to financials or patient tracking, they will need to be edited there as well.

7.  Click the OK button to close the Edit Today's Treatment Card Entries window.

8.  Click the OK button.

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