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How to Enter ICD-9 / ICD-10 Diagnostic Codes into OrthoTrac Insurance Claims

How to Enter ICD-9 / ICD-10 Diagnostic Codes into OrthoTrac Insurance Claims

ICD-9 and ICD-10 code functionality was added to OrthoTrac with version   If you do not have this version and need to obtain it, please contact Support at 866-722-2567 or by email at  to request the install DVD be sent.

Please note that these codes are only required for medical claims, not standard dental / orthodontic claims!  It has been estimated that medical claims are sent by less than 1% of orthodontic clients.

Please see below for information on how to enter the codes into OrthoTrac.  The following restrictions apply:

1.  You must be using version  or higher of Orthotrac.

2.  You must be using the ADA2012 version of the claim form (Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Insurance Claim Options).

3.  The information is entered in fields 34-34a (A-D) in the bottom right hand corner of the claim screen.

4.  Field 34 must be clicked to enter it; because of the functionality of this new section, you cannot use the Tab key on the keyboard to reach it initially.  Once you have clicked in that field  (see the blue highlighted section in the above screenshot), you can use Tab on the keyboard to navigate to the remaining fields.

5. The following restrictions apply when entering codes:

  • The form cannot be saved if field 34 is entered without field 34a-A. 
  • The form cannot be saved if field 34a-A is entered without 34. 
  • Field 34 cannot contain more than 2 characters.  “B” is used to represent ICD-9, “AB” to represent ICD-10.
  • Field 34 will only allow alphabetical characters. Tabbing out of 34 will make all letters capital.
  • All fields 34a (A-D) must be entered as 3-7 characters. 
  • All fields 34a (A-D) will only allow alpha numeric characters (numbers and letters).  Symbols are not allowed.

Once the ICD code information has been entered into a claim and the OK button is clicked to save changes, the information will be displayed the next time the claim is opened.  If the claim is printed, the information will be printed in the appropriate boxes on the claim form (34 and 34a-A/D).    If the claim is sent electronically, the information will be transmitted in the appropriate fields.

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