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OrthoTrac Cloud: Installing Citrix Receiver / Cloud on a Macintosh Computer

OrthoTrac Cloud: Installing Citrix Receiver / Cloud on a Macintosh Computer

The attached document provides the installation steps for Citrix Receiver / Orthotrac Cloud on a Macintosh computer.  You may right-click the filename and select Save As to save it to your computer.

NOTE:  The process is different for Windows computers.  For information on installing Citrix on a Windows PC, please see the knowledge article  . 

The steps are also provided below in this article. 

How to Install Citrix Receiver on a Macintosh


System Requirements:


Operating System:

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is the oldest version of OS X supported when using Citrix Receiver for Mac.  If the customer has an older Mac OS X version, you can try the Citrix Receiver for Chrome app.  Note: there may be some limitations when using Receiver for Chrome.


Citrix Receiver

Version 11.9.15 or better is required due to the SHA2 requirement in the SSL Certificate.

Version 12.8 is the latest Citrix Receiver for the Mac as of 1/16/18. It has been installed and tested.  PLEASE USE THIS VERSION OR HIGHER. 

Download from the Citrix Website.


PLEASE NOTE:  Before you start, you will need the password for the workstation, as you will be prompted for this information during the installation of Citrix Receiver.


Installing Citrix

1.  Go to the website and click the “Download Receiver for Mac” link.


2.  Click the Downloads button to open the Downloads window

3.  Click the magnifying glass icon to show all downloads.

4.  Double click the “CitrixReceiver.dmg” icon to launch the installer.

5.  Click “Install Citrix Receiver”.

6.  Click “Continue”.

7.  On the Welcome screen, click “Continue”.

8.  On the License Agreement screen, click “Continue”.

9.  Click “Agree” to accept the license terms.

10.  Click “Install” to accept the default location and continue.

11.  Enter the Macintosh user’s system password and click “Install Software”.

12.  Click “Continue” (do not click Add Account).

13.  Click “Close” to close the installer.

14.  When prompted to move the installer to the Trash, click “Move to Trash”.

15.  Click the Close button to close the Citrix Receiver window.

16.  Next, remove any apostrophes from the computer name, as Citrix Receiver may not launch properly if this character exists in the name. Click the Apple icon on the toolbar.

17.  Click “System Preferences”.

18.  Double-click “Sharing”.

19.  If the computer name contains an apostrophe (which most do, by default), remove the apostrophe character. If there is no apostrophe, no change is necessary.

20.  After changing the name, click the red Close button to close settings.

At this point the installation is completed. 




Launching and Configuring Citrix Receiver

1.  Click “Go” on the toolbar.

2.  Click “Applications”.

3.  Double-click the “Citrix Receiver” icon.

4.  Click “Set Up Account”.

5.  Carefully enter the server URL (which is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as indicated below):

 After entering the full URL, click “Next”.

NOTE:  If you receive an error message advising that the URL is invalid and to enter a valid URL, open a web browser and go to   .  Usually the system will prompt you to trust a certificate.  Select to trust the certificate and then try entering the URL again.

6.  After the domain, enter a backslash   \  and then the Cloud user name.  You should have been provided with a list of user names for your practice.  Please remember that user IDs must be unique across all computers and should not be shared by multiple computers.  If you do not know the user IDs which are in use for your practice already, please contact Support for assistance   (contact information is at the end of this document). 


You should also know the password for the account.  If you do not know the password, please contact Support.  


After entering the domain\user and password, ensure the “Remember my password” box is checked and then click “Log On”.


NOTE:  If you are unable to log on using the information you believe to be correct, please contact Support for assistance.




Launching Cloud Programs / Adding your Favorite Cloud Applications

1.  After launching Citrix Receiver, click the + icon on the left side

2.  Click “All Applications”.

3.  Select any applications you want to add as favorites (the below example shows CS WinOMS programs, but the same process is used for any Orthotrac Cloud, Softdent Cloud, or Practiceworks Cloud programs). When finished adding favorites, click on the green background to return to the previous screen.

4.  You can now launch your favorite programs by double-clicking them. You may right-click an icon to remove it from the Favorites list. Again, the below screenshot shows WinOMS Cloud but this is only an example.





Renaming Your Account or Deleting Passwords in Citrix Receiver  (Optional)

1.  To make any changes to your account, select the “Citrix Receiver” menu and click “Preferences”.

2.  Click the Settings button indicated in the below screenshot.

3.  Click “Configure Account”.

4.  Click in the “Description” field and rename it to whatever you desire, then click “OK”.

5.  You can also use the Preferences section to remove the saved password. Click the Settings button shown in step 2, then click the General tab on the left.  Then click “Delete Passwords”.




If you have any questions, please contact CS OrthoTrac Support for assistance.  You may call 866.722.2567  or  email at  . 

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This was SO helpful. I was able to install on my macbook in no time at all.  Your detailed photos and instructions are PERFECT!  Thank you for making this very user friendly !

Good morning Katie (katiejane62‌),

You are very welcome!  I'm glad it was of use to you. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations

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