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OrthoTrac: HouseCalls Function Not Working After Update to OT Version

OrthoTrac: HouseCalls Function Not Working After Update to OT Version


After updating to version of OrthoTrac, unable to generate HSECALL.DAT file using "Housecalls" function  (Functions menu, HouseCalls option) from OrthoTrac. The system may report various error messages when attempting to do so, or may simply state that there are no results for the date range specified.


Older, deprecated version of the HouseCalls software.


An older version of HouseCalls was phased out as of the end of 2009. The current version is a hosted product rather than running on premises. The new version does not require the user to create a [Hsecall.dat] file for HouseCalls. All TeleVox support for the on-premise solution was supposedly discontinued as of 12/31/2009; however, some clients are still using this outdated solution.

Because of this, OrthoTrac Development has not been updating or maintaining the "HouseCalls" function in OrthoTrac itself. It appears that changes to OrthoTrac as of version have led to this function no longer operating properly at all; however, since the Televox / HouseCalls software which still required this Hsecall.DAT file was discontinued back in 2009, this is not considered to be a priority "fix".

Clients using this ancient version of HouseCalls will need to contact Televox / West Interactive Support (current phone # is (877) 269-2904, then option 1 for Support and option 1 for HouseCalls support). They will need to have Televox update them to the hosted solution version of HouseCalls which pulls appointment information directly from the OrthoTrac databases. This software no longer requires the client to generate a Hsecall.DAT file manually.

Again, this software solution has been the preferred solution from Televox since 2009 and all concerns related to its setup should be directed to Televox / West Interactive.

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