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OrthoTrac: How To Add A Logo / Graphic To The Patient Flow Sign In / Check-In Screen

OrthoTrac: How To Add A Logo / Graphic To The Patient Flow Sign In / Check-In Screen


To add a logo to the patient flow check-in / sign-in screen.


NOTE:   The logo will only appear on the Welcome screen of the check-in.   If there is no text in the "Message of the Day" section of the Welcome Screen tab, then no Welcome Screen will display and thus no logo.   This Welcome Screen displays in between patient check-ins, so it is what will be visible most of the time.

1. On the patient check-in workstation, click Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, Patient Flow Maintenance from the main menu of OrthoTrac. If patient flow is already open, press <Shift-3> on the keyboard to open Patient Flow Maintenance.

2. Select the Welcome Screen tab.

3. Verify that there is text in the "Message of the Day" section. If there is no text here, the Welcome Screen will not display at all and there will be nowhere for the logo to appear. This message is usually something generic like "Welcome to Dr. Smith's office! Thank you for visiting us today."

If there is no text, add a generic welcome message.

4. Click the Header button.

5. Click on either Logo and Text or Logo Only in the Header Style section. Different style options will be presented allowing for different placement of the logo and/or text.

6. Select a Style Option.

7. Click in the logo box in the Welcome Header section.

8. Click Load Logo.

9. Use the Open window to navigate to the location where the logo is stored.

10. Double-click the logo.

11. Click OK.

12. Click OK to the System Update message.

13. Restart OrthoTrac on the check in machine.

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