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OrthoTrac: How to Add Chairs or Time to Existing Schedule Standards

OrthoTrac: How to Add Chairs or Time to Existing Schedule Standards

Prior to version 14.2 of OrthoTrac, it was not possible to add chairs or additional time to an existing schedule standard (template).  This functionality was added as of version 14.2 and refined further in version 14.3 (released March 1, 2019).  This article details how to use that function. 

Adding Chairs or Time to An Existing Schedule Standard

1. From the main menu of OrthoTrac, select Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Schedule Maintenance.

2. Click once on the standard name you wish to change. 

3. Click the Change button. 

Screenshot 1.png

4.  The following screen appears:

Screenshot 2.png

This screen shows the current starting time, end time, and number of chairs on the standard. 

5.  Add additional chairs to the schedule by clicking the up arrow in the "Chairs" section, or by entering a new number.  

(NOTE:  You cannot remove chairs from an existing standard, only add additional ones). 

6.  Add additional time to the schedule by changing the current Start Time to an earlier time, or the current End Time to a later time, or both. 

(NOTE:  You can remove time from the schedule by changing the current Start Time to a later time, or the current End Time to an earlier time; however, keep in mind that this will delete any open time or blockouts currently in those slots). 

7.  Choose a color from the list at the bottom to be used for all OPEN slots.  

8.  When you have entered all necessary changes, click Apply at the bottom. The revised standard opens for you to review.  Additional time added or additional chairs added is added as Closed blockouts; if you wish to open those slots for appointments, or you want to set specific blockouts in those slots, do so now. 

9.  When you have finished making additional changes, click "Close".  The revised standard is now available for use. 

Please note that changing a schedule standard does not affect days already added to the schedule calendar.  However, as of version 14.3 you can also use Schedule Maintenance to apply new standards on top of existing days using the Add Days function.  For more information, see the article OrthoTrac: How to Add New Standards on Top of Existing Schedule Calendar Days.


[[MODERATOR NOTE:  This question has been answered offline by contacting the practice via phone.]]

I think I need to be more specific. We have 16 chairs in the standard, two of which do not have an assistant or appointments assigned due to staff vacancy. Now that those positions are filled, is there any way to go and adjust the standard to add templated appointments to that additional chair without having to go and do it manually day by day. 

I attempted as you stated above but the days in question already have patients scheduled in some spots so I cannot simply add the standard to the schedule without loosing those appointments.

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