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OrthoTrac: How to Associate (Assign) a Letter to a Questionnaire

OrthoTrac: How to Associate (Assign) a Letter to a Questionnaire


How to associate a new letter with an existing questionnaire.


Associate the letter with the questionnaire in the Communications Setup window of the OrthoTrac software. Edit the questionnaire, click on the Add button and select the desired letter.

1. From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Functions, Word Processing, Communications Setup.

2. Select the questionnaire to be changed.

3. Click the Change button.

4. Click the Add button under the Associated Letters section.

5. Select the letter.

6. Select the type of letter text that the letter will contain, Patient, Doctor or Other.

7. Click OK to add the letter.

8. Click OK to close the Setup Questionnaire window.

9. Click Close to close the Select Questionnaire window.

NOTE: The correct merge fields must be added to the letter in order for the answers to the question to pull into the letter. Also, the questions in the questionnaire setup should have answers in the answer text.  For more information on setting up questionnaires, please see the knowledge pages OrthoTrac: How to Add a New Questionnaire and Documentation: Setting Up Questionnaires

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