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OrthoTrac: How to Capture Electronic Signatures or Initials

OrthoTrac: How to Capture Electronic Signatures or Initials

To capture electronic signatures and/or initials to be included in letters, health information forms, contracts or other documents in OrthoTrac. 


Please note that you must have an electronic signature pad installed and configured before you can capture signatures or initials.  For information on installing the signature pad, please see the article How to Set Up The Electronic Signature Feature (How to Install An Electronic Signature Pad)

Next, the  <<ElectronicSignature>> and <<ElectronicInitials>> merge fields are inserted into the letter at the appropriate locations. (Please see the article How To Set Up A Letter To Capture Electronic Signatures Or Initials for instructions on how to add these fields to the letter). 

Finally, to capture the signature or initials, post the letter, then edit or preview the letter and double-click the fields to be captured. Use the signature pad to enter the signature or initials and click OK.

1. Select Functions, Word Processing, Post and Print Letters from the OrthoTrac main menu.

2. Select the letter.

3. Click Post Letter.

4.  Double-click the number in the "Ready to Review" column for this specific letter:

5.  Locate the patient for whom you wish to edit the letter. Click once on the patient name to highlight it:

6.  Click the Edit Letter button.

7. Click Signatures Needed on the Orthotrac Word Processing toolbar, or double-click the field to be captured. 
NOTE: In some versions of Word, Signatures Needed will be located in the Add-Ins tab at the top, instead of on the main toolbar window.

8. Use the signature pad to enter the signature.

9. If the signature pad has an LCD display, click OK on the signature pad. Otherwise click OK in the Please Sign window.

The signatures have now been recorded.  If you wish to print the letter later on, simply exit the letter and save changes.  The signatures will be displayed when you print the letter later.  If you want to print the letter immediately, proceed with the remaining steps. 

10. Click File, Print. The Print Options window will open.

11. Click OK.

12. Click File, Exit. A dialog box will ask if the letter status should be changed to Printed.

13. Click Yes.

14. Click Close.

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