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OrthoTrac: How to Post a Current Only Balance Adjustment to Remove a Credit Balance on an Account

OrthoTrac: How to Post a Current Only Balance Adjustment to Remove a Credit Balance on an Account


This adjustment is made when there is an existing contract that has not rolled in to apply the charges to the credit current balance, or the patient has paid ahead and does not want to keep the credit balance in current. When the Current Only balance adjustment is used to remove a credit balance, the amount of the adjustment is removed from the contract and placed in current which reduces the credit balance in current. The amount removed from the contract is taken from the end of the contract first. After posting the balance adjustment, verify that the remaining contract charge amounts in the contract window are still the desired amounts. When the charges are not the desired amount, re-spread the contract charges.

NOTE:  This solution is the equivalent of manually posting a contract charge to an account to remove a credit balance where the patient has paid but the charge has not been applied yet.

1. Click Functions, Financial Functions, Adjustments from the main menu of OrthoTrac.

2. Select the patient from the OrthoTrac Software Patient Look-up window.

3. Click OK.

4. Click Balance Adjustment in the Type of Adjustment section on the bottom left of the window.

5. Verify that the correct Responsible Party is displayed in the Resp. Party drop-down box.

NOTE:  When there is more than one responsible party the correct Resp. Party must be displayed before selecting the type of adjustments to be made.

6. Verify that the correct Insurance is displayed in the Ins Plan drop-down box. 

7. Verify that the Account to Adjust option is set correctly to Responsible or Insurance.

8. Select Current Only in the Balance Adjustment section.

9. Enter the amount of the adjustment as a positive amount.

10. Press <Tab> on the keyboard.

11. Verify that the resulting balances in the New column of the Balance Adjustment grid are correct.

NOTE:  If the new balances are incorrect, repeat steps 8 and 9 using the correct adjustment amount.

12. Enter a detailed comment explaining the reasoning for the adjustment.

13. Press <Ctrl-S> on the keyboard to post the transaction.

14. Click the Functions menu from the Financial Functions window.

15. Select Contracts.

16. Click Set-up Contract to view the contract information.

17. Verify that the contract charges are correct.

18. If the contract charges are not correct, double-click the next charge to roll in and enter the amount to be charged.

19. Click Spread to re-spread the contract.

20. Press <Enter> on the keyboard to post the new payment terms.

21. If the Print Coupons window appears, Click No.

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