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OrthoTrac: Printing Recall Cards

OrthoTrac: Printing Recall Cards

You can print recall cards for patients with recalls in a specific month/year or a specific alpha recall code. The Recall Card function enables you to print custom messages for patients on your recall list. Recall cards can be printed from database searches, and you can include merge fields in your messages to automatically insert patient information.

The Recall Cards Message window enables you to add and change recall messages before printing the cards. The maximum length for a recall message is 255 characters.

To print recall cards:

1.    From the main menu, select Reports > Schedule > Recall Cards. The Recall Cards window is displayed.

2.    In the Recall Date section, the Month/Year option button is selected by default. Type the month and year for which you want to generate recall cards in the field, or select Alpha and type the alpha code for which you want to print recall cards.

3.    In the Recall Type field, the All Recall Types option button is selected by default. To print only specific recall types, select Specific Recall Type and type the recall type in the field.

4.    In the Location field, the All Locations option button is selected by default. To print recall cards for a specific location, select Specific Location and use the drop-down list to select a location.

5.    Click OK. The Recall Cards Messages window is displayed.

6.    In the Messages window, select the recall message you want printed on the card.

Note: The text for the selected recall message is displayed below the Messages window.

7.    Click OK. The Print Setup window is displayed. Select the printer on which you want to print recall cards, verify the printer settings, and click OK.

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