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OrthoTrac: Using the Roladdress

OrthoTrac: Using the Roladdress

The Roladdress is an electronic card file that contains all of the phone number and address information found in the software. Using the Roladdress feature, you can look up address and phone information for patients, responsible parties, doctors, insurance carriers, employers, staff, other referrals, and siblings.

The software automatically populates the Roladdress with information you enter in other windows, such as the Patient Information window, Responsible Party Information window, Doctor Information window, and so on. Once the information is in the Roladdress, you can update the information directly in Roladdress, if you have the proper security permissions.

Example: The phone number for a referring doctor who is already in the database has changed, and you have Outside Doctor Maintenance security rights. When you change the doctor’s number in the Roladdress, the Outside Doctor Information window is displayed, and the phone number is updated in both areas of the software.

Use the Public (Individual) and Public (Business) options to add Roladdress cards for individuals and businesses that are not part of your practice management system, such as restaurants, florists, and so on. Individuals and businesses initially entered in the Public section of the Roladdress can only be updated in the Roladdress.

IMPORTANT: Do not enter practice-specific information in the Public section of the Roladdress.

To access the Roladdress function:

1.    Click the Roladdress button, or select Functions > Roladdress from the menu bar. The Roladdress window is displayed.

2.    Type search information in one or more of the following fields:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Phone
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Patient ID
  • Model

3.    To narrow your search for people or businesses using selected search criteria, select from the following categories:

  • People

The People category includes the following criteria:

    • Patients
    • Siblings
    • Staff
    • Doctors
    • Other referrals
    • Public (Individual)
  • Businesses

The Businesses category includes the following criteria:

    • Insurance carriers
    • Employers
    • Public (Business)

To narrow your results, select one or more search criteria within the search categories.

Note: Search results are based on the information typed into the search option fields.

4.    Select one of the following options:

  • To view details for the selected contact, click View.
  • To print a label for the selected contact, click Label.
  • To print an envelope for the selected contact, click Envelope.
  • To e-mail the selected contact, click eMail.

Note: The eMail link is only visible if the selected contact has an associated e-mail address.

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