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OrthoTrac: Version 14 - Colors Not Showing on Main Treatment Notes / History Screen

OrthoTrac: Version 14 - Colors Not Showing on Main Treatment Notes / History Screen


In Charting, treatment notes / history are not displaying in colors on the main window view. 


In previous versions, our clients would frequently use colors, boldface, or other custom fonts or text changes to highlight types of Treatment History entries, and in the new Charting you may continue to do so.

In v14, however, colors for treatment history notes are visible only in the “View All” treatment card mode (top right of treatment history). They will not be displayed on the main Tx History screen because that section of the screen has been configured, by design, for plain text only, in order to cut down on the space required for entries and thus allow more info to be displayed in a smaller space.  

We have received enough feedback about this that the design decision may be reversed in a future version, but for the time being, any entries made with colors, custom fonts, different size text, etc., will always be visible by clicking "View All".

Please note that the "View All" display is set to only display actual clinical information. Comment-only records ("Notes") will not display on this screen, only clinical visits with procedures posted. This design decision was made due to overwhelming feedback from clients working with Development on the treatment card redesign. The Notes will still display on the main Treatment History screen, but will not appear in color.

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