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Orthotrac - How to Change / Configure a Computer to be a Patient Flow, Patient Check-In Only Computer

Orthotrac - How to Change / Configure a Computer to be a Patient Flow, Patient Check-In Only Computer

To set a workstation to be a patient-only check-in computer, you need to do two things:  first, set the Patient Flow options to use one of the Patient display options, and second, set Orthotrac to launch patient flow automatically when started.

Setting the Patient Flow Options to be Patient Check-in Only

1.  Open Orthotrac on the check-in workstation.

2.  Log in with the appropriate staff name.

3.  If a screen appears prompting to enter or change the Welcome Message, click OK to accept the current message (this can be changed later).

4.  When the staff Charting / Patient Flow window opens, click the Maintenance button at the bottom.

5.  Click the Display Opts tab at the top (if it is not already active).

6.  In the section "Set display type and background image", set the radio button to one of the three Patient options:

        Patient - Photographic:  will require users to check in by selecting their picture

        Patient - Non-Photographic:  will require users to check in by typing a few letters of their last name, then will display several possible matches to choose from

        Patient - Name Entry:  will require users to check in by typing their complete last name and will only display a result if the name matches exactly

7.  [Optional Step] To change any of the instruction screens, double-click on the message to be changed and edit the text.

8.  [Optional Step] To change the Welcome screen, click the Welcome Screen tab, double-click the message, and edit the text.

9.  When all patient flow options have been changed, click the OK button at the bottom to save the new patient flow options.

10.  Click File, Exit to close Orthotrac.

Setting Orthotrac to Launch Patient Flow Automatically

1.  Click on Start, Run from your Windows desktop.

2.  Type: oms.ini

3.  Click the OK button.

4.  Locate the line that reads PatFlowOnly=False in the Options section.

5.  Change the line to read PatFlowOnly=True   .

6.  Save and close the file.

7.  Restart OrthoTrac.

The workstation should now launch patient flow automatically as a patient-only check-in computer. To change any patient flow options after this, please see the knowledge page Orthotrac - How to Open the Patient Flow Options Screen or Close Patient Flow on the Patient Check-I....

Note:  Orthotrac does use up a license for the patient check-in, but only while logging into Orthotrac.  To prevent issues with Orthotrac complaining about all user licenses being in use, bring up Orthotrac on the patient check-in computer first, then bring up Orthotrac on other workstations after that.

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