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Orthotrac: How to Set Up, Automate and Configure Backups of Orthotrac Data

Orthotrac: How to Set Up, Automate and Configure Backups of Orthotrac Data

Question:  How can Orthotrac backups be done?  How often should backups be done?  What files and folders should be included in backups?

ALERT! Backup data should be regularly taken off premises in order to protect the data in the case of a catastrophic loss such as fire or flood.   When the data is being backed up it should be to a removable media such as a tape or external hard drive, or an online folder.  The database backup files should NOT be copied directly to the same disk where Orthotrac is installed.   A password protected backup process should be used or the files should be placed in a password protected zip file.   The backup files created by Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express are NOT password protected.   Data backups taken off premises should be protected as they would be in the office.   When they are no longer needed, backups should be overwritten or destroyed.

Setting the Backup Options

This step determines how many copies of the data will be kept on the server.  These copies of the data should NOT be considered backups of the data.   A real backup is a copy of the data that is backed up to another location.  This location should be on another machine or drive, and preferably off site.

1.  Select Options, Environment, Miscellaneous from the main menu of OrthoTrac.
2.  In Backup Options, set the number of copies to be kept on the server.
3.  Click OK.

Preparing the Data For Backup

1.  Select File, Prepare Backup from the main menu of OrthoTrac.  This step places the Orthotrac databases in an easy-to-restore .BAK  format, in the C:\OMS\Backup\Most_Recent folder.  The C:\OMS\Backup folder will contain other folders with names such as "20160602_001". The folder name is a date.  In this case the folder contains the first preparation (_001) of the data from June 02, 2016.  If you perform the Prepare Backup function a second time on the same day, there would be another folder named "20160602_002."   When the Prepare Backup step is performed, the system renames the C:\OMS\Backup\Most_Recent folder to the format just explained then creates a new one for the latest data.

***NOTE:  This part of the process can be automated by setting a scheduled task on the server to run C:\OMS\orthobac.exe /s  on a daily basis after hours. This is highly recommended.  Orthobac can be run without user intervention if the /s  option is enabled, and performs the same function as File, Prepare Backup from within Orthotrac itself.

Backing Up the Files

Using separate backup software, run the actual backup to copy the contents of the OMS folder to an external location.  Backup tapes, backup to external hard drives, and on-line backups are the only methods of backing up that are recommended by Carestream.  Local technicians should generally set up the backups. It is recommended that these backups be done daily. 

What should be included in the backup?
Daily Backup files and folders should include:
Weekly Backup folders should include:
Monthly Backup folders should include:
NOTE: If OrthoTrac was not loaded in the standard location (C:\OMS on the server) the paths above will vary.  If you have any questions please contact OrthoTrac support at 866-722-2567 or email at  .

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