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Canine III

Account History Print Set-up

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When printing Account History for a patient, the insurance check numbers are always overlapping with the amount of the check. That way it is hard to see the end of the check number and you cannot at all see the amount deposited. In that instance we have white out that part and rewrite the correct things. Is there a way to change the print set-up or the way the margins are on the document; that way we can fit everything on the paper without having to white out the numbers. Thank you!

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Re: Account History Print Set-up

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   There may be a way to shrink the text a little bit within Configuration of CS PracticeWorks by going to Documents>Reports>Accounts and Receivables>Account History

Select for this computer only and click ok.

Click on Select Large Font button and come down a couple points on the font size and click ok

Repeat this for the Select Small Font as if desired. 

This may give you what you need, though keep in mind this may affect alignment of text in other fields.

Aside from this, there currently are no other ways around the issue.

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