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Canine II

Children and other family members

Is there a way to link children and other family members to a patient?  I see a spouse button.  Some families have children with different last names (or different last name from their parents)  which make it difficult to locate their charts.

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Re: Children and other family members

If you use the "Phone Inquiry" button on the appointment book tool bar, which is located to the top left of the appointment book (V8.1 or higher) or the left side (V8.0 or older), You will be able to select a patient and it will pull  up a list of all those that are a part of their family.

phone inquiry.png

phone inquiry Family.png

This is determined by the "lives with" option on the clipboard. If you edit a patients clipboard and set their lives with to be the Responsible party, or head of household, it will group them together as a family.

lives with.png


If you have any other questions let me know



Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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