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Emailing Images

When emailing digital images - it would be nice if there was a way to automatically include the patient's first name along with the last.  It would also be nice to remove the "Patient's social security number" line and perhaps change it to "Patient's Date of Birth".  I don't believe I have ever emailed the SS# to anyone or other office for privacy reasons nor have I ever had an office request it.  But most offices will verify the patient according to their date of birth.  These days it's trying just to get a patient to give their SS# to us in fear of privacy issues.  I haven't found anyway to edit that info in the emailing screen - has anyone else?  It would be nice to see that modified or have the ability to modify it according to our preference.


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Re: Emailing Images


      It sounds like you are sending the email from within your CS Imaging program. Unfortunately, the Patient Social Security Number line is hard coded into the email process and can't currently be removed, though it will only populate the field if you enter that information into your imaging software. It will not pull the SSN from a patient's clipboard within PracticeWorks. There is, however, another way to email images from within PracticeWorks. 

   If your email integration is setup for PracticeWorks by having a compatible MAPI client installed and configured on a workstation, you can right click on an appointment and select images or click on images button from a patients clipboard. Then, single left click on the images you would like to send to select them (you can select multiple images). Once you have the image or images you would like to send selected, right click on one of the images and select the Send image via E-Mail option.

     This will bring up an email the same way it would from your imaging software, but includes some different default information.

Practitioner Name: Demonstration Dentist
Patient Name: Test Patient
Filename: Image Date: 04-20-2017

   This gives you an alternative to having the Patient Social Security Number field show when sent from within the imaging software.