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Integrating a Third Party Intraoral Camera

I am using PracticeWorks v8.1.0 and recently one of the doctors in the practice purchased a third party intraoral camera. We are having some difficulty integrating it with PracticeWorks imaging.

It's a Daryou DY-50 camera and I was hoping there might be an easy way to integrate it.

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Re: Integrating a Third Party Intraoral Camera


It is required to use an intraoral camera that uses a Twain driver for it to integrate with the CS PracticeWorks software charting module. We do not supply this driver so it must be acquired from the manufacture of the camera. 

There are some settings to take a look at as well to make sure it is being seen by the software. 

  1. Click on the Windows Start menu button.
  2. Go to the CS PracticeWorks folder.
  3. Select and open Configuration of CS PracticeWorks.
  4. Go to the Setup Menu.
  5. Select General Configuration.
  6. Expand Integration then Camera.
  7. Select the option for Device driver for capture.
  8. For the Value drop down at the bottom left, select AVI
  9. Click Save Entry. 

At This point you can try to go into the capture tab of the chart and use the Capture option to see if it will launch and view the camera image.

If this does not work, then the twain driver is not installed properly. 


If you are needing to have it integration into the CS imaging software (DIS) then you will want to reach out to our imaging department for their assistance.  You can find their contact information here.

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