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Premolar III

Ledger screen glitches

Why is it that when performing certain transactions in the ledger (correcting an entry, for example),  that when you are finished, the software catapults you up to the very beginning of that patient's ledger?  Today, for example, I had to remove a three-unit bridge.  After each line, it threw me up to 2001, then I had to get back to the end, remove the next line, and repeat the process.

I would also like to know why - when backdating a transaction - it automatically progresses me to another line and then tells me that I must enter a transaction code before I can back date it?

I talked to someone in support about these things years ago - they agreed it was a nuisance and said they would put it in the docket for an upcoming version to fix it.  Still happening.

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Community Manager

Re: Ledger screen glitches

@ronschindler and @jdowner  adding you to the conversation to see if you can help with this. 

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Re: Ledger screen glitches

Hey Sonya

So I looked into these to see if there were any change or enhancement request on file for them from the past and from what we can see there aren't any currently. 

I can definitely go ahead and get enhancement request written up and submitted. 


Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst