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MCO in Line Item accounting.

We are a member of a MCO and I didn't have any issues with the write off before switching to line item accounting.  Since the switch to LIA, the MCO writeoff doesn't happen at check out.  Please advise me of the correct settings.

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Hello Kristy

With Line Item accounting, the write offs no longer automatically get entered into the checkout for you.  At this point it is designed so that it'll take the write off into consideration for estimating and reflect what the patient and insurance is expected to owe.  Then at the time the payment is entered into the system, it will automatically pull in the amount needed to write off an apply it at the time of payment now. 

In the Patient Checkout ledger window  you will see at the bottom where it now shows an the additional information for the estimated write off (In blue).  It separates it from the patient amount (Black) and the estimated insurance amount (Green).  This way the patient is still paying what they are supposed to and not crossing into the write off amount.

checkout ledger

The ledger's aging bar holds the same information on it

Ledger Aging Bar

When you are putting in an Insurance payment, either through the Paid button, add entry directly to the ledger, or through a bulk check/payment, It will have space that holds the write off amount to apply. If the estimating is setup in the insurance it will automatically pull the amount for how much it is expecting to write off.  You would need to make sure you have a write off code in place on the top right. if it says <no write off selected> you can hit the Select Write-off button and choose one.

IP entry window

You can also change the write off amount if needed in case the EOB states it to be different then what is currently in the estimating setup. You'd just need to change the Amt to Write-off before you enter in the Amt to apply.

Let me know if you have any additional questions


Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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