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Premolar III

Mapped Drive

Is there a need to map to the PW drive on the server?  Most of our PCs have them mapped but two are not. As I look back on our trouble log, I see that the two that are not had PW startup problems earlier this year so I am assuming that tech support must have told me to disconnect them to fix the startup issue. 

This morning, I ran into another startup problem & calling support didn't help. So I disconnected the mapped drive and it started working. 

So, what's the purpose of the mapped drive and do we really need it?

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Re: Mapped Drive

Typically the map drive is needed since it is usually the path that is chosen by the installer to look for the data on.  However, if pworks is installed via the UNC path and not the mapped path, it will sometimes pick up the UNC path in the pworks.ini file instead for it's path. But even then, it'll add the line "MapDrive=X:" X being whatever drive letter you had set.  if that line exist, then yes, the map drive needs to be there, if it doesn't exist in the ini file, there is a chance it will be fine without it, but sometimes it'll still request that at launch and if it's not there, it could fail.  Because of this, we still suggest and set up a map drive on each workstation. 



Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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