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PWSvr.exe was not located in the directory

I ran the PW 9.1 workstation installation on a Windows 10 machine from the properly mapped P drive using the PWORKS/DATA/WSETUP/ Setup.exe file and all went smoothly including the Pervasive workstation installation. Upon launching PW I'm getting "PWSver.exe was not located in the directory" error and PW is not launching.  

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Re: PWSvr.exe was not located in the directory


Good morning, 

The message "PWSvr.exe was not located in the directory" indicates that the installer did not fill in the path for where the software is looking for the license.  You can do this manually.

Bring up the windows file browser on that workstation and go to C:\Windows\Syswow64 and open the pwclient.exe application. 

Once open, click on the Options button on the right.  This will bring up the PracticeWorks client options window




In the PracticeWorks Server Path field enter the path to the Pwsvr folder on the server.  This can use either the mapped drive path (going off the path you mentioned P:\pworks\pwsvr)  or it can be the UNC path (\\servername\pworks\pwsvr  or whatever UNC path is accurate for your setup). 

Make sure that the File system Message Timeout and the Mailslot Message Timeout boxes have a minimum of 15 and 5 respectively. 

Click OK to the changes. 

Click Close to close the PWClient app. 

Test opening the CS PracticeWorks Software to confirm it can now open without the message. 

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to reply here or reach out to our phone support.  If needed you can find the current contact information here

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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