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Will You Be Applying Payments in Version 8?

Yesterday I was listening to the story of Percy Spencer. In 1945, Spencer, a radar specialist at Raytheon, was working on a radar unit when he noticed the candy bar in his pocket beginning to melt. Shortly thereafter Spencer exposed some popcorn kernels to the radar and the first microwaved popcorn was made. Though unintended, the radar's cooking capabilities were discovered and became ubiquitous. 

The ability to apply payments directly to procedures (line item accounting) is complete. Based on beta feedback it is a success. Our focus was to create an accurate, easy to use feature for practices paying providers on collections. And since we have data previously unavailable, we also created detailed payment analysis reporting.

The following beta user's comment illustrates an unintended use for the line item functionality:

We don't use it for payroll but I love it for attaching the payments to claims.

Another beta user said

It has helped a great deal with where the insurance check gets applied to. It is easy to use and does not take any extra effort.

Have you wished there was a more precise method for applying insurance payments in PracticeWorks? According to our beta feedback, line item accounting is for you! 

Version 8 is complete and slated for release in mid to late June. In addition to line item accounting (an optional function) we've incorporated print on-the-fly functionality for everyone.

I'd love to hear why you are considering activating line item accounting in your practice.

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