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Canine II

pictures in practice works

Does anyone know if it matters what webcam is used to take pictures of patients to put in their clipboard in practice works?

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Canine III

Re: pictures in practice works

Hi Andrea,

I'm just a regular Joe working dental and not affiliated with Carestream but here is my thought since this has gone without reply. Here are my experiences with the capture feature in pworks:

We have used 2 different webcams over the years an HP and a Logitech brand with good luck.  The setting that seemed to work best was VFW under General Config, Integration, Camera, Device driver for capture =  VFW (Video for Windows) in Configuration of CS Practiceworks (Green Screen utility). You could experiment though with other device drivers and see what works best with your particular camera once you can confirm it works fine in its own software.

Pworks is only going to grab a still from the live feed it's not going to invoke the software like it would a scanner so keep in mind if its the kind you can zoom and rotate you would have to get that in the position you want ahead of time and move the patient to the spot or pick up the camera and point it at them.

It's has been a long time since we have used it though now and haven't tried it with windows 10 (VFW may no longer work as it's a Microsoft thing and they like to drop support for stuff like this with no warning). What I would suggest is go down to your local retailer of choice (With a good return policy) buy one set it up see if it works and return it if you don't like it. Try another one... and if you do find one that works well share it here so others can reap the benefits of your experiments

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Community Manager

Re: pictures in practice works

robert.angus‌ any input on this? 

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Re: pictures in practice works


     We do not currently have a specific webcam recommendation for CS PracticeWorks as most twain compatible webcams will work.


     To use a digital camera or webcam for capturing images for a patient portrait or for a patient's charting module:

1. Click Start in the corner of the computer screen.

2. Click All Programs (or Programs).

3. Click CS PracticeWorks Software]. (Older versions may say just PracticeWorks or PracticeWorks Office.)

4. Click Configuration of PracticeWorks Software. (Or Office Configuration , or Office or Express Configuration.)

5. Click Setup.

6. Click General configuration.

7. On the General Configuration window, select "Integration."

8. Select "Camera."

9. Click on Device driver for capture.

10. In the "Value" field at the bottom of the screen, select AVI from the drop-down menu (this is the most common setting, though depending on the camera, other options could possibly apply).
11. Click Save entry.

12. Open a Patient's Clipboard and double-click on the upper left area where it says "Cannot locate patient image." (If this wording is not present, go to File > Preferences and put a check-mark next to "Show patient's portrait," which will make the wording appear.)
13. In the window that opens up, click Capture. At this point there should be a live-feed moving image directly coming from the webcam, so point the camera at the subject and click Freeze and then Save.
14. The captured image should now be at the top left of the Clipboard. Check to see that it is visible in their Chart as well.

Premolar I

Re: pictures in practice works

When we went to Careatream digital imaging we also purchased the CS 1500 intra-oral cameras. Since we already use the 1500s pretty routinely we decided to make the most of it and use it to take a patient face photo as well. We figured since it's already connected and integrated with Practice Works and readily available why not utilize it for that?  The assistants and hygients like it because they don't have to "handle" or have another piece of equipment in the treatment roms since they have the IO camera available.