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First Molar I

"known issues" tab or page

Could someone at PW come up with a "known issues" page somewhere - broken down by version - for us to reference?

For example, I called this morning to find out why all of a sudden we can't view images or attachments.  I was told that this is a "known issue" in 10.1.1.  The office has been on 10.1.1 for MONTHS (if not a year), so I am completely baffled as to how this is suddenly an issue.

Regardless, it would be nice if we could have access to a list like this.  #1 - it would help inform us if this is to be expected or if it is a brand new issue.  #2 - it would help in determining if we want to make the switch to the next version or not (see @joedindo recent question on the latest version of v.10).

Canine III

Excellent idea. I have the feeling that the term known issue only applies when you have a problem with something. If they are aware that we have that information they maybe more inclined to work in those known issues.
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First Molar I

Oh yes!!!!  EXCELLENT idea to have a list of known issues.

BTW, I am highly skeptical of "known issues" popping up out the blue and you should be too. Unless something changed in your environment, software does not work that way.

Yes that would be great

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