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Allow deletion of Team Talk notes at the time when they pop-up

Allow deletion of Team Talk notes at the time when they pop-up

Team Talk notes accumulate because it is cumbesome to delete them.  We need an option to delete each team talk note when it pops up -- as programmed (when opening transactions / charting / schedule / etc). This could possibly be accompanied by a warning that you are going to delete... 

Offer two options, one to "permanently delete note for this patient" and one to " permanently delete this note for all patients".

It would also be helpful if we could multi-select a few notes at once to delete with fewer keystrokes.

Canine II

While I agree that accumulating team talk notes is cumbersome, I am more inclined to request an "inactivate note" instead of a delete option. Everything attached to your patient file is considered a legal document and should not be deleted. The inactivated notes serve as your "paper trail" in case of any audit or review of patient/ in office communications and procedures.

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Great recommendation!  Thanks karenc‌ !

Canine III

We have a TON of OLD team talk notes that pop up and they are so annoying. It also takes a bit of time to try and delete them! 

First Molar I

It would be nice to have something that made deleting or inactivating team talk notes easier.  Like Nina said, we use this feature alot so we have many team talk notes for several patients.  Many team talks can come off because the info is now irrelevant (going to FSU) or pregnant or patient has died, and it is cumbersome to "clean it up" and I like to keep our system cleaned up.  I would like to spend less time on this when this is my agenda.