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Allow more than one person to access patient record at a time

Allow more than one person to access patient record at a time

In SoftDent, allow more than one member of staff to access a patient's record at one time and not have it lock the record. i.e. back office enter charting while front office checks insurance information.


(For a similar Idea in PracticeWorks, click this link:  )

First Molar I

Although we do occasionally experience specifically as Matt describes ... our bigger beef is when multiple family members are being seen simultaneously (for example, brother and sister in different hygiene rooms), then the hygienist who is locked out cannot complete her tasks to complete the appointments.  A MAJOR interruption in the work flow.

I have made the request (for almost two years now) that at LEAST the workaround that would be helpful is for Softdent to "provide" the user who is in the account/chart/file so that the other user can gently and politely ask the first user to "get out of the account".  Some type of notification when the message comes out that the account is locked.  How about something like this:

"This account is locked, accessed by user Joann"

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Great feedback.  Thanks, Dr. Cavola!  

Canine III

I agree with Dr. Cavola! This is a major problem in out practice! When seeing 5 family members it causes a huge interruption. Especially when parents want to pay before they leave or make appointments while patient is still in the chair. 

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Version 17 has addressed this issue. More than one provider can be in the account at the same time.

Case Closed!