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Audit log/Event descriptions need to change

Audit log/Event descriptions need to change

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When I found my name and "charting started" attached to it, I asked why (since I never chart).    The explanation I received is at the bottom.  This is unacceptable as it is 100% inaccurate.  It should be a relatively easy change for you to modify the verbiage attached to that action.

The same goes for "view/edit appointment" - these are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TRANSACTIONS and need to be reflected in the audit log as such.

Again, in a patient's clipboard - just because I accessed it, that doesn't mean I "edited" it (opening a clipboard - no matter how I get there - results in "Person record edited", even if I just looked to verify what city the patient lives in and edited nothing). 

Your "event" descriptions really need to be more specific and MEAN WHAT THEY SAY.


Re: "Charting started"

That entry indicates that the chart was launched/opened on a machine while your initials were logged in. It doesn't mean anything was actually entered onto the chart. Simple opening the chart for a patient will create that entry.